The tower cranes are always present in all the construction projects in our cities. Its close linkage to contributing projects of growth their infrastructure development of public or private, residential or road networks improve the living conditions of society and generates a significant impact in the economy of a country.  

“Observing a tower crane and its activity are indicators of prosperity”

BETONCRANES innovates and provides solutions to the construction field and contributes to the profitability of your projects with the equipment acquired through our company.  Since 1992, BETONCRANES is exporting to different countries, hoist elevators , and tower cranes, in all capacities, telescopable, and re-energized, concrete pumps, truck- mounted cranes and other equipment from  different brands, as well as parts for all types of machines. Additionally, we provide customers with after-sales support to continue generating future development opportunities.


Consolidate Betoncranes in the next 7 years as the most reliable worldwide company for the acquisition and shipment of equipment for the construction field and road infrastructure which are certified through an international agency to ensure its immediate use and the cost reduction for each one of our customers project.


Facilitate the acquisition and shipment of road infrastructure and construction equipment to any country around the world, refurbished and new, which is subject to rigorous physical, technical and electromechanical inspections. Our quality control and inspection methods increase the profitability of your investment, ensure the immediate availability of these equipment for work, reduce costs and optimize the use of the machinery in each project.


  • Honesty

  • Efficiency

  • Respect

  • Team work


  • Trust

  • Responsibility

  • Commitment

  • Long term relationships