The secret of know to buy the Tower Crane

What all builders should know, is that in a project over 14 months running, it is profitable to buy a REFURBISHED Tower Crane, because:

  • The Tower Crane in the project, has the PERFORMANCE similar to a new one, in the videos observe the electro-mechanical revisions to the parts and engines of greater importance and value in the proper functioning of the Crane.


Brake Review


  • With the repowering you avoid reducing the GAIN of your project, you do NOT have to pay for replacing parts unnecessarily; that is, it has SAVINGS that suit the UTILITY OF YOUR PROJECT
  • The Tower Crane, arrives at your READY TO WORK project, already revised, You do not worry about breakdowns or losses in the project, it minimizes the probability of LOST PROFIT.


BETONCRANES, is responsible for delivering a machine in optimal conditions, REFURBISHED ready to work and ensured that you and your project have: Better Investment, Better Control and Better backup